Hey hey everyone!!!


Now i know that it has been A LONGGGGGGG time since I’ve uploaded on the blog, but honestly there is a valid and understandable explanation for that.


I felt that when I first started “Gentleorchid”, over 2 years ago, I wanted a place where I can write aboujt my likes, dislikes, etc, and wasn’t really expecting more than  that from the blog. I wanted a place where I could DOCUMENT everything that I wanted to remember and I could go back to one day, something like: an online journal.


As that grew, Gentleorchid starting attracting attention, in a good way. I have done a number of sponsored content through this blog, along with creating a tangible following base, because of the Youtube channel BCSA and the blog itself. I created many online friendships with the people that read my blog, and met with some fellow South African Bloggers ❤ 🙂 In turn, the blog Gentleorchid, returned so much more back to me, than I ever expected!!


Due to this, as a thank you to myself and Gentleorchid for all the good times, I knew that it was time for a blog RE- DESIGN. THAT is why I’ved been away for so long. For two months, I’ve been working with a graphic designer for the creation of something more special- new, vibrant, fresh… something more ME. Due to wanting something more reflective of ME, I choose to change the name as well. To JK.



This is the name of my NEW BLOG HOME. A completely different URL, different style, different theme, different everything- but more importantly, more reflective of ME, my personal likes and dislikes, my life, and more!! What I wanted to do with JK is create a colourful, vibrant, honest and raw space of who Katleho is, and JK will be a true depiction of that! Many blogs lately have adopted the same style, theme, monochromatic feel to very other blog out there- but I chose to keeping this blog ALL ME. I use STRICTLY my own content, my own pictures, taken and edited by me, my own thoughts and options, my space, my rules, ME.


Gentleorchid will however, be going away… 😦 Exactly a month from now. I’ve struggled transferring Gentleorchid history to my JK blog, so I’ve only got my most recent GO info on the JK site. Therefore JK will be completely new and fresh! Already have a lot of content drafted for JK, and from next week, the new JK posts will be going up!! 🙂 GO will however be deleted as a result, a month from now, as I cannot maintain 2 blogs!


Hence why I’m making this announcement now, so that I can introduce you to JK, and through the process of the month, I’ll be changing all Gentleorchid social sites to JK! So don’t be alarmed once you see the JK logo on the GO Instagram page for example!!!


Thank you so much for all you support, comments, response on the blog, following and interacting with me, and to get the ball rolling and welcoming you to JK, I will be doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY on the JK blog page within the next few weeks, just in time for my birthday!!! 🙂



So in the meantime, JK is still being worked on, however, you can now view it NOW!!!



Do check it out! A month from now, Gentleorchid will be no more! 😦 But I will be making announcements on social media! So look out for those! ❤ 🙂


Foward, and onwards!!

To new beginnings!



Until the next one, (on JK)

Live in Light and Love… ❤





box swap


Hello Everyone!! 🙂


So today’s blog post is a little exciting for me, because I did a box swap with my blogger friend, turned GOOD friend Kurvekut from Go through and have a peep at her blog if you love beauty, skincare and lifestyle!! 🙂 ❤ We recently did a box swap, and I had recorded the reveal of what was in the box to put up on the YouTube channel and the whole footage came out blurry and the next time I checked, it it said something about it being damaged. Great right?? 😦

If you are unfamiliar with what a box swap is, it’s basically two people agreeinng on a budget & buying one another gifts and putting it in a box and then handing it to the other for the big reveal! 

Rather than re-filming the whole thing and PRETENDING to be surprised at what I already knew, I figured I’ll just put it on the blog for your guys’ viewing and reading pleasure! So when i opened the box, it honestly felt like a piece of her was stepping out, to me, because I know these are all things that she loves, so I knew I was going to have a great time testing them out! Definitely! I’ve already used some of the products in the box, and so far, I’m loving them!! 🙂


Box contents include:


  • Beauty Treats Eyeshadow Palette in “Rose”
  • Calvin Klein Eyeshow in Turquoise
  • Body Scrub
  • Head Massage Tool
  • MOD Eye Makeup Remover
  • Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Conditioner
  • CUCNZN Suction Black Mask
  • Crabtree & Evelyn “Somerset Meadow”  Bath and Shower Gel
  • Revlon Sumptuous Lip Gloss
  • Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder
  • Victoria Secret Strawberry Lip Scrub
  • Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stain


I love these, and cant wait to try them out!


Thanks friend!  ❤


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤






Mumm 4


Hey Hey!!!

So this post is LONGGG overdue, but I have just been so busy with work, Youtube, and the Blog, that there was a lot of content that needed to be released BEFORE this particular one! Still, with that being said, I told myself that I must speak about this amazing day! 🙂


Mumm 2

So my best friend and buddy of over 18years (you can wreck your brain trying to figure out how old we are! lol) decided to treat me to a SPA day courtesy of G. H. Mumm and Benefit Cosmetics! This day was known as the Bubbles and BFF’s day- where the aim was, as working women, sometimes you need to indulge yourself in some relaxation “me time”, remembering that you also have to take care of yourself, much like you take care of others on the daily. The day was full of GH Mumm, lol, and 3 SPA treatments for each of us, A Benefit Cosmetics Brow class and lunch and snacks throughout the day! 🙂


You can IMAGINE how excited I was about this. Needing it was essential! 🙂


Mumm 3

The beautiful event started at 9am and rounded off around 6pm, so you can imagine it was a full day of pampering, gossip sessions with my best buddy, all while sipping on a glass (or two, or three, or four, or five, well, you get it right?) of G H Mumm champagne. The beautiful event was held at the Kloofzicht Lodge and SPA, and the 30/40 women in attendance took over the whole SPA throughout the day…


Mumm 1

Upon arrival, we quickly changed into SPA robes, and pretty much lived in them all day! We had access to the Hydro Pool, Sauna and SPA facilities while we were in-between SPA treatments, all the while having access to good food, wine and drink! The weather was PERFECT! We enjoyed every minute of that beautiful day, mingled with wonderful women and their friends, while indulging in serious pamper sessions.

Mumm 5



Mumm 7


In total we got around 3 treatments done each. We had a relaxing back massage, then a Hot Paraffin Wax Foot Massage, followed lastly by the Hot Paraffin Wax Hand massage. It was all absolute bliss! What we were there to achieve was certainly done in that period. It was soooo worth it!


The most exciting thing about it, was this event was the first one of a YEARLY event that will now be happening with G H Mumm!! So Bubbles and BFF’s will be back again next year, be sure to get your girlfriend and go!!! 🙂



Mumm 6

We also had the pleasure of having a small makeup Brow Lesson courtesy of Lauren from Benefit and her amazing and energetic team, where we got a first hand seat in being schooled about brows! 🙂 It was a great session where the Benefit team taught us about some of their best selling brow products, and taught us some easy ways to do our brows,


…because at the end of the day, your brows frame your face, and shape it too! If your brows are not FLEEKING, no matter how GREAT your makeup application is, it purely looks off because your brows aren’t in check! 🙂 So this was useful and helpful ❤

Mumm 8


Overall it was an amazing day, full of good food, good people, pamper sessions and makeup treats!!! 🙂


Thanks to my buddy “Groceries” for organizing this trip for us! ❤


That’s it for now,


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤









Hello Hello!!!


It’s that time again! The beginning of a new week! New opportunities, second chances, new moments, everything new. Another opportunity at giving it another go, making a difference, living the life you want, chasing your dreams, and following your heart!

Even with the beginning of a new week, you know I will always ask you do to something for me for that week right? This week is no different! This week I ask you to:



90% of the time when someone is asked, what is the one thing you want the most out of your life, more often than not, people say:

“To be happy/Happiness”


We never really say that lightly.


As humans we all have the innate NEED to have happiness in our lives, for the most part of it for that matter. We may go through struggles, but everyday, we strive to be happy. It’s what people classify as “happiness” that makes us different. No everyone thinks the same.


To some happiness is…

A new car, a house, sitting in the passenger seat of a GTI(just jokes), money, lavish living and spending. 

To others, happiness is:

Love, Family, Friends, the gift of a new day.

To some, happiness is tangible. To others it is not.



Remember the INTANGIBLE things/people that bring you true joy, that make your heart flutter, and your body feel all mooshy inside. Remember that things that make you cry tears of joy, the things that remind you, why you are alive. Remember the gift of being able to wake up, to another day. Remember the things that make you truly make your heart skip a beat.







Remember them, and relish in them. Just for this week, surround yourself with happiness. Laugh harder, love more, hug longer, smile wider, kiss passionately, savour the precious moments.




Until the next one,


Live in Light And Love ❤







Hey Everyone!!!


Now, I’ve been debating for a while whether to do this post or not, and thought- maybe I should, because it’s nice to share so that other people who follow my blog can know what kind of filters I use for my blog photos, but most importantly, for my INSTAGRAM Blog Photos. I say mostly importantly my INSTAGRAM blog photos because, honestly, Instagram is more PHOTO based, like telling a story through photos, so I put a lot more editing work into my Instagram photos, to keep up with the aesthetics of GENTLEORCHID photo work.


This post though is on the Social Media Apps I enjoy using when it comes to ANYTHING that involves my social media. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on and so forth! 🙂


So the way I have done it is that I’ve taken Snapshots from my PHONE (like SCREENSHOTS rather) of the apps that I mostly use, which I use mostly through my phone. I hardly edit anything on my laptop, unless it’s for Beauty Corner SA youtube videos. ❤





So this is a snap shot of my home page!!! Lol, never mind the Productivity Folder with “4245” emails. Yea, lol, thats my life. Some of them are from long ago, I just need to delete a lot. I read my emails more consistently know, I just need to clear out the oldies! LOL!

So it may look “busy” but honestly It is sooo much more neater for me because I have organised every app into folders which correspond to what kind of APP it is, and the two folders I use the MOST for my Social Media are the are the ones SLAP BANG IN THE CENTRE!


The “Photography” and “Social” Folders are my most used folders on my phone, like, PERIOD.





These are the Apps I typically use for my social media. I use these ones THE MOST. A day does not go by without me opening pretty much ALL of these apps! LOL!!! 🙂


  • LINKEDIN- I use mostly to get business news or business articles, or to connect to people I used to work or study with.


  • TWITTER- I use Twitter a lot to not only tweet, but to announce if theres a new blog post out, or YouTube video… I’m on Twitter like ERRRRRRDAY!!!


  • YOUTUBE- On my down time I watch YouTube. Or use YouTube to respond to comments on our channel from our friends and subbies!


  • VIMEO– VINES! Need I say more??!! LOL


  • FACEBOOK– I have a Gentleorchid Facebook Page for my blog which you can find here.


  • INSTAGRAM- This one I use A LOT, I post something on Instagram pretty much everyday, and if you want to follow me on Instagram, and see my posts, click here.


  • I’m also on Snapchat!!! Yep!!! I snap ALMOST everyday! 🙂 ❤ Do add me on snapchat! My username is: gentleorchidkat.







This is another folder I look at pretty much EVERY SINGLE day! These are apps that I use to enhance my photos, edit them, and make them appeal to the aesthetics of Gentleorchid.


  • BEFUNKY–  Be Funky is a GREAT appp for someone who loves to make collages from there photos… It has many times of collages where you can put a number of pictures all on one page, on one spread. Pic Collage, the one next to it works the same way.


  • YOUCAMPERFECT- You Cam Perfect is a GREAT app FOR THE LADIES!!! You know sometimes you take a selfie and you don’t like that hideous overgrown salty loking pimple on your face?? You Cam Perfect, helps you trim those “you dont want seen” things, and adds a little more of a flawless touch to your face! It also has LOVELY filters for selfies!


  • AFTERLIGHT, PIC TAP GO, VSCO– All these Apps I use for one purpose only. They have AMAZING filters!!! I cant tell you how great they are!!! I use a different app for different pictures, depending on what the picture is, and what “effect” I’m trying to create that day ❤ I LOVE THESE APPS.


  • INSTASIZE and SQUARESIZE- These I use for wen my pic is too big for the standard instagram photo size, these apps help size the picture up correctly FOR me, so I don’t need to worry about it 🙂 They also have great filters too, and also many other effects that are useful for a blogger. Like “text”. Being able to put text on your image, changing fonts. Picture effects, black and white, saturation, highlights etc. I love!! ❤























So!!! Let’s be friends! Follow me, lets talk, lets chat! 🙂 I’d love to get to know you!!! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤








Hello you 🙂


With every Motivational Monday post, I try to exercise some mindfulness, to write about something that is similar to what I’m going through at the time, what i am thinking about, or even more importantly, something that will help/speak to other people.

Now, I am BY NO STRETCH OF THE IIMAGINATION a motivational speaker, lol. No, however, I do think about about life, love, people, situations, circumstances. This past week has been a rather difficult one for me, and I had to remind myself that no matter how stormy it may be right now, I need to find time to be STILL.




If you are someone who enjoys being “in control” of your life, and the situations within it (not the people), like myself, then you know how paralyzing it can be when you feel like you have lost control, and everything seems to be spiralling out of control. The past week made me feel just that. Vulnerable, lost, confused, afraid, and NOT IN CONTROL. Due to the fear, I forgot to find time to remind myself that I need to find a time to still myself of everything that was going on around me, and remind myself why I AM ME. Remind yourself too…

Every time I think about being still only one phrase comes to mind




Remember that you are never alone in your struggle. It may feel like your world is about to be turned upside down, or that it seems like everything is coming to an end, but do not forget to be still. Remind yourself of who you are, what you are capable of, who is with you, what you have been blessed with, and…


…will yourself to get up and keep going!”


So remember to be still.

Remember to use the pause button in one moment of your life, each and every day. This week, I’d like you to do that- insert a PAUSE moment into your daily routine. Stop and take a breath, and remember you are not alone. As difficult as it may be, you are not alone. You may not know how things are going to end up, but you are NOT alone. Things may be falling apart, but you are NOT alone. Things may be at a culmination point, but you are NOT alone.


Still your mind.



I’m thinking of you ❤


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤









Hi Everyone!


Now I know that this post is a little late, however, better late than never right? 🙂


So lets talk THE BODY SHOP!!!

Now if you are an avid follower of this blog, you know that I LIVE for The Body Shop body care products, but these Lip Products are the first beauty/makeup products that I’ve purchased from the Body Shop. I decided to purchase the much heard and read about Matte Lip Liquids from the Body Shop and give them a try!

At R85 for one, I thought that seems to be a more reasonable price than many of the other Liquid Lip Creams on the market. So I purchased 4 and decided to try them out for a bit!




Sicily Iris




Windsor Rose


Goa Magnolia






  • The first thing I noticed about the Matte Lip Liquids is that they are QUITE pigmented! The colour transfer is great and quite sharp.


  • They are so reasonably priced. I liked this!


  • They glide on effortlessly, with a velvet like touch, I was really impressed by this!


  • It leaves a soft creamy and smooth yet matte feel on the lips, and isn’t drying- it was very easy to do these swatches without my lips feeling dry and chapped afterwards. Even after a full day, my lips were not left feeling like they needed some TLC.


  • The doe-foot applicator made application very easy, and for me this is the preferred applicator for me when it comes to Lip Liquids.


  • Love the fruity like scent! Can’t get enough of it!


  • They have a great colour selection which is friendly for all skin types.


I tried them on  with no lip liner, so as to get the true colour of the matte lip liquids. I was quite impressed. Even with that said, I do have some  cons about the products. 



  • Even though they are creamy and pigmented, you often have to apply twice or even three times to get the desired full colour on the lips, because one coat is not really enough. A little bit patchy at times.


  • They do take some time to dry down, and I’m assuming this could be because of the velvet like moussy texture, as compared to a liquid texture that might dry down faster.


  • They are not as “long wearing” as most of the liquid lipsticks that I own, and I find myself having to re- apply them throughout the day, and they transfer quite a bit too making them a little bit too messy for me.


Overall, I love these products, I think for the price tag, I’ll willing to let some things slide, however I wouldn’t reach for them if I wanted something long wearing and non transferring.

However, I think for an everyday product, you can get away with using this over a lipliner to try and make them last a little bit longer! I think if you are definitely on a budget, these are a great buy! 🙂



RATING: 3.5/5



Until the next one!


Live in Light and Love ❤













It’s that time again!

The 4th installment of Taking Stock ….


Making: Plans in my head for how I need to just sleep for a few hours.

Cooking: up video ideas for the Beauty Corner SA channel.

Drinking: Water. Trying to drink more water this year. I’ve started off quite well. Now… Momentum 

Reading: A great novel by a South African Author called “Naledi”. By Dudu Busani- Dube. ❤ Loving it so far!

Wanting: A new phone cover case- I’m so fickle with my phone cases. Get bored quickly.



Looking: for my traffic fine ticket. It expired in Oct 2016, I think now is a right time to pay. LOL

Playing: Yuna “Chapters” in the back ❤

Wasting:  time deciding  on making another big investment decision for this year. You investment, and you grow. My motto.

Wishing: that I can get a sign. I’m stuck at a major crossroads, and I’m not quite sure where to head next.

Enjoying: Being back at work. Being productive, being busy. I hate being idle. 

Waiting: For lunch to come THRUUUUU!!! LOL 

Liking: Lianne La Havas “Blood” Album ❤ 



Wondering: If this is the year of change. For me. 

Loving: New shoes I received for Christmas. I look for occasions to be able to wear them!


Hoping: For doors to be open, and so far so good 🙂 . 

Needing: Some alone time, just to sleep. My sleep patterns are shocking lately. 

Smelling: My perfume, that my sister gifted me for Christmas. Narcisso Rodriguez Eau Parfum ❤ Enough to make you pass out, that’s how amazing it is.

Wearing: Black T-shirt and Jeans and Nike Free Sneakers.

Knowing: That this too shall pass. 

Thinking: About Beauty Corner SA and Gentleorchid. Beaming with plans and ideas!

Feeling: Humbled at how quickly things can change

Opening: Myself up to a new year. New memories, new experiences.

Giggling:Nope, sadly I’m not! 


Until the next one,


Live in Life and Love ❤







Hello Friends!!! ❤


So I had the GREAT pleasure of being invited to the Clarins Spa Salon in Johannesburg, by my good friend Liz from The Fragrance Queen, and Clarins South Africa. Oh my GOODNESS and WHAT A TIME I HAD!!! ❤


The event started in the afternoon and went on for about three hours, but I must tell you, those 3 hours felt like 2mins!! I guess time does really fly by when you are having fun right? If you know me, you know I’ve been a Clarins lover for years now, so when I walked into the salon, I was like a little kid in a candy store!! 🙂 I was in heaven! ❤








So, initially I thought that the inviting of the bloggers was to introduce a new Clarins product, however instead it was TEN TIMES better! We were actually there to get some special Clarins treatments done! The shock on my face was CRAZY! So it was essentially va treatment day of two amazing treatments.


My first treatment was the:


Duration: 60 mins

Entails: A fully body “well being” massage, intended to relax and calm the body and mind, while relieving tension and stress.

This treatment for me was AMAZING!!! My spa therapist, Pamela, was soooo great at relaxing my body, and the oils she used were hot and from Clarins. It was insane. I had so many knots on my back and shoulder area, and by the time she was finished, it honestly felt like my back was so much lighter and feeling SO much better!! ❤ I LOVED THIS MASSAGE. I genuinely haven’t had a massage like that in a LONG time.

You can get this treatment done at a Clarins Spa Salon for R650.00




This facial though!!!! LOL, let me say, it was an experience!!! It was the first time I had a “peel” done, and goodness, what an experience! The difference about this facial is that the therapist will ask you what products you use on your face, and what skin type you are, so as to deduce what Clarins products best work for your face and skin type. On my skin, the recommended products she used on me were the Blue Orchid Oil and the Double Serum, which she suggested are the best for my dehydrated skin. These are all the products she used on my face below: img_5002


Duration: 60 Mins

Entails: A reviving treatment to boost the skins luminosity and help diminish the first signs of ageing, for a smoother more replenished skin.

Cost: R700


When I got up from that bed, my body and skin had never felt more better! I was relaxed, happy, and my skin looked SOOOO good, and hydrated!

Honestly, one of the BEST events I’ve attended since being a blogger thanks to Liz and Clarins South Africa ❤



Now, if you have read til this far, I have some GREAT news for one of my followers which reside in the Gauteng area! Keep reading!!!











So, the lovely ladies at Clarins South Africa wanted to do a little something EXTRA special for one of my lovely followers, specially from Clarins South Africa!




  • The Potential Prize Winner must be from the Gauteng Area, as the prize involves a trip to the Clarins Skin Spa Salon.
  • The Potential Prize winner must follow the “clarinssouthafrica” Instagram page, as well as the “Gentleorchid_Blog” Instagram page. 


  • The Potential Prize Winner must also pull one of the pictures from this blog page, put in one THEIR Instagram page, tagging both Clarins and Genteorchid Blog, and stating why the think that deserve the prize!! 


  • THE WINNER will be announced a WEEK from today on the Gentleorchid_Blog Instagram page, and shortly after will be contacted by Clarins SA to make arrangements regarding their prize!!


  • You are only allowed to enter ONCE. 




The prize is a visit to the Clarins Spa Salon located in Illovo Johannesburg, for a CLARINS SIGNATURE MASSAGE to the value of R650.00 for FREE!!! Spoil yourself and get pampered with Clarins!! :)This massage brings pleasure to ALL your senses!!! ❤




The winner will be announced a week from today on the Gentleorchid_Blog Ijnstagram page! All the best!!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤








Hello again! 🙂


I trust you are well?


As you know with Monday Motivation, I try to address a topic that will kick off your week on a positive tone. If not positive, it must give you something to think about for the week, or something to work on. For yourself. This past week I thought a lot about how I struggle to listen to myself, and listen to what my inner self is trying to tell me, ESPECIALLY when it comes to matters of the heart.


Reminds me of the phrase people always say:




Ok. Hold up.


Am I the only one who thinks that listening to myself is REALLY hard?!?! Sometimes I don’t even know what my real SELF is even trying to tell me! Sometimes the one part of my “self” is saying one thing, and the other, another thing. So then, which part of my “self” do I listen to?? 😦 How does one do that?



I read an article somewhere that said, to KNOW yourself, makes it easier to be able to LISTEN to yourself. To me, this makes sense, well, I think it does, no no, it does!

As I always ask, (when I’m about to explain something that’s even a tad difficult for me to wrap my head around, lol), HEAR ME OUT.




If you know who you are, what you believe in, what interests you, what sets your heart on fire, what you wont tolerate, what you wont accept, you’re well on your way to knowing yourself (if you already have not gotten there!).

“The hardest journey in life, is learning to love yourself.”


Also, KNOWING yourself. It takes years, if not your whole lifetime to be able to learn how to know yourself. However, once you do, you become a stronger, more confident version of yourself, kinda like a version 2.0. 🙂




If you look after yourself, you end up in the right mind frame to tackle what lies ahead of you. In turn, it makes your head space a lot clearer, giving you more room to listen to what your inner self has to say. Ever notice how if you are in an unhealthy toxic relationship, it becomes so hard to look after yourself because you spend so much time devoted to a situation that does not serve you in the best way possible.

Then how can you listen to yourself, if a part of you is lost to something/someone else?

Looking after yourself has nothing to do with “treating yourself”, going out for a jol, doing excessive shopping- NO NO!! (Even though I’d love to say it is!). Looking after yourself is being cognizant of what you do, what you eat, how you are living your life. If you want to do something- take a long walk from time to time. Or, like me, take a long drive with the radio off and give yourself some time to listen to yourself, your breathing and think. If you love to cook, then cook. Go to the park and sit near a lake, and just be, and you will be able to hear yourself a lot clearer. It puts you in a calm and relaxed state of mind. In that way, listening to yourself becomes that much better ❤ 🙂



Learn to listen to yourself. Take some quiet time. Quiet moments and just listen. Tune into yourself, your preferred station and RELAX. It’ll make it so much easier to hear yourself.

Good luck!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤